Other services

Spa and sauna prices

Lahdelma Spa, private spa, ½ day, mo-thu 4pm-10pm: 650 €
Price inclides bath towels.

Lahdelma Spa private, 1 day, 24 hours, weekdays only: 1450 €
Price includes towels, bathrobes and bedclothes.

Lahdelma Spa weekend, from Friday 4pm to Sunday 6pm: 2400 €
Price includes bedclothes for Lahdelma Keidas

Smoke sauna: 250 € per heating
Price includes cloth bench covers

Extra person: 20 € / day (for groups over 20 people only)

Lahdelma Farm's sauna services

Wood/electric sauna and hot tub on the ground floor of the main building: 50 €

Bath barrel (max. 8 people): 150 €

Summer activities

Jogging, hiking, swimming, fishing, berry picking, mushroom picking, rowing on the lake.

Hiking, jobbing, cycling and fishing maps can be found on Info-page.

Equipment rentals: bicyle, Nordic walking poles, outboard motor (+ petrol), fishing equipment.

Winter activities

Walking, skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice swimming. Trail map for cross-country skiing around the farm.

Equipment rentals: skis and ski boots, kick sled, ice fishing rod, ice drill.