Environment and responsibility

Sustainable Tourism Since 1994

Sustainable Tourism at Lahdelma

We have been engaged in organic farming and quality rural tourism for over 20 years, and it is only natural that we feel strongly about environment and responsibility.

Environmental Awareness: From Words to Deeds

Already in 1994 we were a pilot company in the first environmentally friendly tourism development project launched by the Finnish Tourist Board, the so-called YSMEK project. Since then several projects have been implemented, aimed at reducing the adverse effects of business on the environment, for example by reducing energy and water consumption, waste reduction and better sorting, and considering environmentally friendly alternatives at the procurement stage.

Sustainable Tourism

We are members of the Finnish Organic Tourism Association, ECEAT Suomi Ry, which promotes and develops domestic sustainable tourism. We also have been awarded Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland, which is aimed at strengthening sustainable tourism in our country. Companies that have been awarded the label fulfil the criteria of economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability.

We produce thermal energy in our own heating plant from wood energy available on the farm. All the electricity we buy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources.

The work we have done has been recognized with the following awards and labels: