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Farm History

Organic Farming and Tourism Since 1988

From the very beginning, we were committed to serving our guests as we would like to be served ourselves. Our motto “the skill to be genuine” means that communication and guests’ comfort are very important to us. We believe that our genuine desire to serve our guests as well as we can is certainly one of reasons why so many guests come back to us in the fourth generation.

Over the years, we have witnessed many happy moments in the lives of our guests: weddings, family celebrations, birthdays and graduation parties. We live in the manor house on site where the reception is.

History of the Place

In the 1600s the original Mustaniemi estate formed. It included land and fishing waters with the border marked on the terrain. It was not permitted to cross the borders. Those were turbulent times in Finland.

On 30th August, 1721 the treaty of Nystad (Novgorod) was signed and gave the long-awaited peace, and in Pertunmaa it marked the end of uncertainty. The Russian border was only a few kilometres to the east of the farm. Mustaniemi Farm received exemption from taxes for eight years.

In 1735 Mustaniemi and Ahvenniemi housed military conscription offices of Pertunmaa.  A local conscript served in the Hämeenlinna infantry regiment, the Sysmä company.

In the 1750s peasant Tuomas Tuomaanpoika Mustonen tried to catch his brother Erkki off the farm as a slave and seize the entire estate.

In the 1760s parliament heard the case, Tuomas was fined and Erkki got a half of Mustaniemi farm, now called Jussilä. There were four other log cabins in the hinterland.

Since 1896 the farm has been owned by the same family, now in the fourth generation. In the 1950s the estate was divided between sisters, giving origin to the neighbouring Niemelä Farm.

In 1988 the farm owners became engaged in rural tourism. The range of activities grew every year and the level of service rose.

In 2008 we made a leap into the future when we founded Lahdelman Lomat Oy together with the son.

Lahdelma family