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Lahdelman Lomat Oy and Matkailutila Lahdelma

Hereinafter Lahdelma

Lahdelma complies with the following reservation terms when providing and/or selling accommodation services and/or group and private travel services to customers. Group and private travel services include packages that include accommodation, programmes, sauna and/or catering services.

These terms are binding for both parties once the customer has paid to Lahdelma the deposit as described in these terms or both the deposit and the final payment at the same time.

Reservation and payment terms

An invoice shall be sent to the customer by normal post or e-mail. The payment must be made according to the details specified on the invoice. Any notifications must be made within 5 days of the date of the invoice.

The reservation is confirmed once the customer has paid a deposit equal to 30% of the rent, or at least €200 by the due date (7 days from the date of the invoice), unless otherwise agreed with Lahdelma or if both the deposit and final payment are paid at once. The final payment must be paid no later than six (6) weeks after the start of the holiday.

If the payments or payment periods are neglected, the reservation may be cancelled without any separate notification to the customer.

Cancellations and changes

Cancellations must be made in writing (by letter or e-mail) to Lahdelma.

A cancellation is valid from the moment that Lahdelma has received notification of the cancellation. If the customer can show that the cancellation has been made and sent to the right address at the right time, the cancellation shall be accepted regardless of whether it arrives late or not at all.

The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation. If the cancellation is made within 42 days of the start of the holiday, the entire price of the holiday shall be charged. If the holiday is sold onwards to another customer for the same price, the original deposit shall be kept as a cancellation fee.

We recommend the travel insurance.

If the customer makes a change to the reservation (holiday destination or rental period), Lahdelma has the right to charge a deposit for the original reservation.

Changes must be made no later than six (6) weeks before the start of the reservation period. Changes made later than this shall be considered a new reservation and a cancellation of the previous reservation.

Lahdelma’s rights to cancel a reservation

In case of force majeure, Lahdelma has the right to cancel a reservation. The customer then has the right to full compensation for payments made to Lahdelma. If the payments or payment periods are neglected, the reservation may be cancelled without any separate notification to the customer. If a reservation has to be cancelled during the holiday due to misbehaviour or damage, payments shall not be returned.

All expenses and consequences due to disturbances, damages or dangers caused by the customer shall be charged to the customer according to actual costs.

Staying in apartments and cottages

Keys to the holiday apartment or cottage are handed over to the customer upon arrival at the time notified in advance to the owner either by telephone or in writing. The owner or caretaker has the right to charge a deposit of 100 – 500 € for the keys.

If the customer does not return the keys and can be shown to have lost the keys due to carelessness, the actual costs of replacing the locks shall be charged to the customer minus any deposit that may have been paid for the keys.

Cottages are available

For weekly bookings
Cottages are available from 16.00 on arrival day until 12.00 on departure day
Keidas is available from 17.00 on arrival day until 17.00 on departure day

For weekend booking
Cottages and Keidas are available from 16.00 on arrival day until 12.00 on departure day

Are available from 16.00 on arrival day until 12.00 on departure day

The rent includes the free use of the holiday apartment or cottage (includes sauna but not smoke sauna), a rowing boat, all furnishings, tableware, cooking equipment and energy for heating, lighting and cooking. Bedclothes and towels are also included in the rent.

Cleaning: Riemurahi, Ilotupa and Onnimökki

Customers themselves are responsible for cleaning their holiday cottage during their stay and before vacating the cottage.

Lahdelma has the right to charge a cleaning deposit of 70-150 €. If cleaning has not been performed at the end of the reservation period, or if it has been performed inadequately, and Lahdelma has to carry out cleaning before the arrival of the next customer, Lahdelma has the right to charge a cleaning fee of 70-150 € minus any cleaning deposit that has been paid.

The customer can order a final cleaning (70-140 €) when reserving accommodation. Nevertheless, the cottage must be left in a tidy condition: all furniture and movables in their right place, any spills cleaned up and garbage removed. Dishes wash up, food closet and fridge empty. Cleaning instructions can be found in each cottage.

Cleaning: Keidas, Holiday Apartments

Final cleaning is included in the rent for Keidas and holiday apartments. Nevertheless, they must be left in a tidy condition: all furniture and movables in their right place, any spills cleaned up and garbage removed. Dishes wash up, food closet and fridge empty.

Lahdelma has the right to charge 50€/hour for cleaning exceptionally dirty rooms.

Other rules

No Pets allowed in Keidas! Pets are permitted in all holiday apartments and cottages with the exception of Keidas. Price for pet is 15 €/pcs.

The use of candles, sparklers, torches and outdoor fires is permitted only in metal, glass or ceramic holders from which stearin cannot drip onto the ground. Bonfires are prohibited! Drying mushrooms, berries or fish indoors is prohibited!

Jet skis are prohibited!

Holiday apartments and cottages can be used by no more than the number of people corresponding to the number of beds listed in the brochure or than has been agreed in advance when making the booking.

The use of tents or caravans on the property without the owner’s consent is prohibited.

The owner must be notified about any pets when making the booking.

Remember to close the damper above the stove or fireplace once the embers have died out. If the damper is not closed, the cottage will become cold in wintertime.

Turn off all lights and close doors and windows when leaving.


Fishing with a rod and line and ice fishing are covered by everyman’s right. A fishing permit is required for fishing with a rod and reel. Fishing permits are available free of charge from Lahdelma for the duration of the reservation period.

Prevention of slipperiness

During their stay customers are responsible for ensuring that the walkways outside their holiday apartment or cottage are not hazardously slippery. To prevent slipperiness, sand is available in containers. If the sand runs out, the customer is responsible for notifying the owner. In wintertime when going swimming in the lake, special care must be taken not to slip on the ice. In case of any accident from slipping, the customer is responsible for notifying Lahdelma about the accident immediately. If Lahdelma is not notified about the accident at once, Lahdelma’s responsibility for the accident is void. If a customer slips and injures him or herself while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, Lahdelma shall not take any responsibility for the accident.

Compensation for damage and force majeure

Customers are responsible for compensating the owner directly for any damages caused to the holiday apartment or cottage itself or to its movables. Lahdelma is not responsibility for damages caused to customers due to force majeure or other comparable reasons (e.g. storms, blackouts, etc.) that are not due to Lahdelma and whose consequences could not be reasonably avoided. Lahdelma is also not responsible for damages or consequences caused by normal natural phenomena.


Any remarks or complaints about the holiday apartment or cottage must be made directly to the owner without delay once the problem appears and during the reservation period. The problem shall be rectified as soon as possible. If the customer and Lahdelma do not come to an understanding, the customer can forward the matter to the consumer complaint board.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from this agreement or its application shall be settled amicably by the parties. Should the parties fail to reach a satisfactory settlement, the matter shall be resolved in the district court of the holiday destination. This agreement is governed by Finnish law.

Cancellations and changes

The terms of this agreement are valid indefinitely. Lahdelma reserves all rights to make changes.

Instructions for final cleaning

Shake mats and carpets outdoors.
Vacuum and mop floors. Remove stains. Return furniture to their proper places.
Bedclothes should be aired outdoors, and sheets, towels and sauna mats should be piled together in the washroom.
Beds should be left in the same condition as they were upon arrival.
Wash, dry and put away dishes. Notify the owner of any broken or missing tableware.
Empty and clean dishwashing table, stove, oven, fridge and tables.
Empty ashes from fireplace or stove and replenish wood from the woodshed.
Empty ashes from the sauna, replenish wood and wash the benches and floor.
Wash the toilet seat and sink. Bring hand towels and toilet mats to the washroom.
Empty garbage and waste bins into the waste containers and wash and dry waste bins.

During summer also:
Clean grilling area and immediate surroundings.
Remove ash and replenish wood.
Check condition and cleanliness of rowing boat.
Lift oars and bail into the boat. Store life vests indoors.

Enjoy every moment of your holiday!
You can order and pay for the final cleaning no later than the day before your departure. Remember to leave your holiday apartment or cottage in a tidy condition and to remove all garbage.