Villa KeidasSaunas

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Villa Keidas Has Saunas for Every Taste

The private spa features 4 different saunas, 2 hot tubs, a private sandy beach, a large outdoor space and a pier.

Relax in the Sauna

At Villa Keidas you can try an authentic wooden sauna, a smoke sauna, a sauna with an electric heater and a modern infrared sauna. In addition to the saunas, you can take a refreshing dip in the outdoor hot tub, a cold waterfall or a steam shower cabin. The villa also has a modern beach sauna from which you can plunge in the clean waters of Lake Peruvesi in summer and take a dip in the ice hole in winter.

The spa facilities have separate changing rooms for women and men. Sauna rugs for the sauna bench and Crocs footwear are available for our guests in the spa area. All our guests receive their own bath towels and bathrobes for their stay. There is also a bar counter in the cozy lounge with a fireplace.

Rantasauna with Lake Views

Seats 5 People

The sumptuous soft steam of a wood-heated sauna and swimming in a clean lake are considered by many to be relaxation at its best. During winter, we make a hole in the ice for our guests to have a cold plunge and round off their sauna experience.

There are changing rooms for women and men, a shower and a toilet in the sauna. Bring along a light snack and enjoy your wonderful relaxing sauna session!

Traditional Smoke Sauna

Seats 10 People

The smoke sauna is highly valued in Finland not only as a traditional sauna, but also because of the characteristic smell and soft steams produced by the large stones of the stove which is heated only once. The sauna is located near the lake, so it is easy to cool off in the lake after a sauna session.

We prepare the smoke sauna ourselves, because one needs to know how to heat a stove that is inside a sauna without a chimney. Separate charge.

Representative Sauna

Seats 9 People

The spa area on the ground floor of the villa has a spacious representative sauna with both wood-heated and electric stove. The spa has changing rooms for women and men, as well as a lounge with a fireplace, a bar counter and a refrigerator.

Infrared Sauna

Seats 4 People

The healthy consequences of an infrared sauna, which was developed in Japan: the temperature of the cells rises, our body begins to destroy unnecessary bacteria and viruses, thus improving our metabolism and resilience and detoxificating our body.

Hot Tub

Seats 4-7 People

The indoor and outdoor hot tubs are wonderful to cool off and relax after sauna. Numerous whirlpool jets and lake views from the outdoor hot tub pamper both body and mind. The hot tub is protected by a gazebo so you can enjoy the natural scenery even in the rain.

Steam Shower Cabin

For 2 People

The health effects of a steam shower cabin are based specifically on the formation of water vapour, which is not only relaxing and pleasant, but also good for the respiratory system.

Cold Waterfall

For 1 Person

The relaxing effect of a cold waterfall is based on the health benefits of cold water. It can be combined with sauna to alleviate muscle pain, promote recovery and improve the general health.

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